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The current owners, Donald & Barbara, purchased the Hotel in Feb 2004 and renovated the Hotel & Motel in stages for the next 6 years to incorporate the full range of rooms available for the Capella and surrounding areas.

Donald & Barbara, knowing the local area and clientelle, have provided an excellent foundation for their wide-range of regular customers, offering a personalised country welcome with well-trained staff. You are sure to feel comfortable during your stay at the Capella Hotel Motel.

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Capella is the centre of the Central Highlands coal mining and agricultural industry and offers great lifestyle and business opportunities.

Located on the Gregory Highway, 314km west of Rockhampton and 944km north of Brisbane, Capella sits on rolling downs country with the striking
Peak Range as its backdrop. It is the business centre for the Peak Downs district of the Central Highlands Regional Council.

Things to do in Capella:

Capella Aquatic Centre

Take an afternoon swim in one of the five solar heated pools, then pull up a sun lounge and watch the sun set below the palms.
Unpack your esky, cook your meal on one of the free electric barbecues and enjoy the balmy evening with friends.
Want to get fit? Pace yourself with warm up laps in the Olympic pool, then work out in the gym. Or, have a sociable game of squash before relaxing
your muscles in the heated pool.
How about a game of mini golf, then lying back under the sun sails, while watching your children have great fun on the slide?
There’s a shaded wading pool for the small children as well. Enjoy a coffee or select from the Capella Beach Cafe menu.

Capella Cultural Centre:

The Capella Cultural Centre is a fully furnished & License venue. Catering for all event types. The Cultural Centre is your one stop shop for all your venue needs small or big.
Having various options of indoor or outdoor settings, private or commercial events we can cater for any needs possible.
The Main auditorium has tiered seating providing variable capacities ranging from 50 -500 seats along with the most fantastic production facilities.

Capella Peak Range:
The Peak Range, known locally as ‘The Peaks’, is a chain of prominent and picturesque mountains to the east of Capella
which is visible from a considerable distance across the plains of the Central Highlands. It consists of groups of sharp peaks
separated by flat plain country similar to the surrounding district.
The Peaks form a striking backdrop to Capella. They are woven throughout the Peak Downs district’s history – from Leichhardt,
who wrote in January 1846: ‘If water were plentiful, the downs of Peak Range would be inferior to no country in the world’.

Capella Pioneer Village:
The Village Collection contains over 5000 individual items that can be broadly grouped into the following exhibits:

  • Settlers – 1869, 1883, 1900, 1907, 1927, 1948, 1956
  • Central Highlands Wool Industry and Origins of the Great Shearers Strike
  • The Railway Lifeline
  • Wartime Remembrances
  • The Peak Downs Scheme (Queensland-British Food Corporation)
  • Broadacre Grain Farming

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